Why do you want to smoke?


Are you tired of being controlled by smoking?

Would you like to save your time, money and health?

By working with the mind we can break the smoking habit for good!

At work, do you stand outside alone, in all weathers, sunshine, rain, wind and snow? If a colleague asked you to stand outside in the cold, wind and rain to drink a cup of tea or coffee with them, would you think they had gone insane? Why would you be prepared to do it for a cigarette but not for anything else?

A tube of paper about the size of your little finger, stuffed with tobacco and toxins has ultimate control of your life!

Are you satisfied with that?

If not then maybe the time has come to try Hypnotherapy, proven to be the most effective way to become a healthy non smoker!

Smoking is a habit and the fear and belief that you can’t stop, can often prevent you from stopping.

Therapy can help to address the habit, causes and triggers, making people more consciously aware of their decision to smoke.

Under hypnosis the issues surrounding smoking stored in the subconscious mind can be changed to new healthy behaviours as a non smoker.

So if you are ready to change to a healthy new you, why not help yourself to succeed with hypnotherapy?