Phobias are an emotional response learned because of a difficult life experience.

Phobias occur when fear produced by a threatening situation is transmitted to other similar situations, but the original fear is usually repressed or forgotten!

Atempts to avoid similar situations in the future reduces anxiety in the short term, but reinforces the association with the onset of anxiety long term.


Classification of Phobias: 

  1. Social Phobia- Fear involving other people or social situations i.e “performance anxiety”.
  2. Specific Phobias- Fear of a specific panic trigger i.e Spiders, Heights, Dogs.
  3. Agrophobia- Generalised fear of leaving home or similar safe place and of possible panic attacks that might follow.

 Phobias vary in severity with individuals, but most people understand that they are suffering from an irrational fear, but cannot override the panic reaction.

 NLP techniques and Hypnotherapy can help people to reprogram subconscious programs that are part of the phobia.

NLP looks at the structure of the mind and can help identify how the phobia was created then identify methods to use to take it away. Its use along with Hypnotherapy can significantly improve the sometimes debilitating panic and anxiety caused by a phobic reaction.

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