Confidence is a great asset to have, it can help us to get further in our career, it helps us when we are in the spotlight , such as giving a speech and most importantly it helps us inside not to worry about our own self image.

The idea that we are not good enough can be implanted when we are children, maybe at home or at school, where we may have to learn to stay quiet, stay out of the way and don’t cause trouble. All of which can lead us to having low self esteem in the future, especially when we need to speak out.

It’s a common problem and one that is not always visible, even people like Angelina Jolie have said “there is so much wrong with me, it’s unbelievable”

If you have low self confidence then you undoubtedly suffer with some isolating and irrational beliefs which can hold you back in life.

Recognising where these beliefs came from and how irrational they can be is the first step to positive change.

By accessing the subconscious mind using Neuro Linguistic Programming and/or Hypnotherapy techniques, self limiting beliefs can be removed and replaced with positive empowering new beliefs.

Confidence can become a learned behaviour which over time comes naturally, initially taking a little effort to achieve.

Think of when a child learns to walk, it takes a few brave, tentative steps, has a bit of a wobble and tries again, eventually walking becomes what we term “second nature” in other words, it is a behaviour which is stored and controlled by the subconscious mind and no longer requires conscious effort.