Terms and Conditions


This agreement is made between Jacqueline Dunkerley of 19 Davenport Avenue, Blackpool, FY2 9EP, hereinafter referred to as “The Therapist”, and with you, hereinafter referred to as “The Client”, to work on the issues and symptoms presented by you. This agreement does not guarantee any success or cure.

By using this website (http://www.soulminder.co.uk) or by making a booking; you agree to the terms and conditions set out on this page.



By undertaking a course of therapy with The Therapist you accept that The Therapist cannot guarantee the therapeutic outcome and that our fees are payable in consideration of The Therapist’s time and expertise regardless of the therapeutic outcome.

The Therapist is not liable for any detrimental outcome or effects on The Client as a result of any appointment, session or therapy.

The Client agrees that Psychic/Mediumship Readings are investigational/experimental and for the purpose of entertainment.



All deposit payments for booking appointments are non-refundable, including in the event of cancellation of the appointment by The Client.

All outstanding payments must be paid in full upon attending your first session. Subsequent sessions will be payable upon attending your next session.

Sessions will not begin until payment has been made. Payment is non-refundable once the session has begun.



If The Client needs to cancel an appointment, The Client agrees provide as much notice as possible. The minimum time that we ask is 48 hours notice. As stated above, all deposits are non-refundable.

If for any reason The Therapist has to cancel an appointment, as much notice as possible will be provided, although no guarantee can be made as to how much notice will be given. Deposits may be returned in such an event; although this is at The Therapist’s discretion. An alternative appointment date/time may be given if possible.


Arriving late for an appointment

If The Client is running late please let The Therapist know as soon as possible. The Therapist will always try to make a full session available, but as The Therapist’s ability to do so will depend upon bookings subsequent to your appointment, this cannot be guaranteed.



The Therapist is bound by the ethical code of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and will maintain your personal data in the strictest confidentiality. The Therapist will not disclose your personal information to any third party unless required to do so by law.  The information you provide during the course of your treatment will be held in the same strict confidentiality unless you instruct The Therapist in writing to share it with your GP or any other third party.



The Client agrees to behave appropriately and to not use inappropriate or threatening behaviour or language before, during or after the session or whilst in the presence of The Therapist.

The Therapist reserves the right to terminate any session immediately if any anti social or inappropriate behaviour or language is used. In such circumstances, no fees will be refunded and if deemed necessary; the Police may be contacted. No further appointments will be made with The Client and any pre-booked appointments will be cancelled.

The Therapist maintains a flexible appointment system for the benefit of all his clients. Contact between sessions will be limited to telephone, email or letter. The client must not turn up unannounced at the practice site. Failure to comply will result in the immediate cessation of treatment.

The Client hereby agrees to cooperate fully with the Therapist at all stages of their therapy. This includes answering questions fully and honestly, being compliant with all reasonable requests made by the Therapist (whether in hypnosis or not), listening to recordings as instructed and turning up for appointment sessions punctually.

Where asked, clients may be required to carry out tasks before, in-between and after sessions as part of the treatment plan. Not undertaking them could reduce the effectiveness of treatment.